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About Me


I am an Internet Marketer and Digital Entrepreneur since 2017. Building a long term relationship with subscribers has had my highest priority in building a list. That is how I was able to gain the trust of thousands of internet marketers, enthusiasts and information seekers. Together with my team I have helped them in moving forward with their online businesses and their lifestyle of freedom. My close connection with subscribers is what sets our services apart from all other traffic providers in the market. Also, this allows me to put your product in front of people in an attuned and targeted way. My signature 'warm up’ methods and closing techniques have helped me to build an edge that supports you in converting leads into sales. If you’d like to find out about the fastest way to flood your online business with quality leads, email opt-ins and sales, then consider yourself in luck, because you’ve just stumbled upon a secret traffic source, that is fairly unknown in the internet marketing community and has created more online success than social media!

Let's Start With The Basics...

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are email-based targeted ads that you buy from solo ads sellers. In simple words, when you buy solo ads, you buy access to send your promotional emails to the email list of someone else.

With solo ads, you don’t have to build an email list of your own. Instead, you just have to find the right solo ads provider who has an email list built in your niche and there you go!

You get a pre-targeted tailor-made audience for your product or service without the time taking process of collecting email addresses yourself.

How It Works ?

The Process

Choose How Much Traffic You Want

I Write Your Email Promo and Send It Out To My Targeted List Of Subscribers

You Get A Surge Of Targeted Traffic (Buyers Always Included)

Why My Traffic Is Different From Others ?

01. Prequalified Traffic To Ensure Conversions

We practice proven segmentation methods so that your offer reaches the right audience. On top of segmentation we add another unique method to prequalify prospects seeing your offer. This means you only pay for handpicked clicks and motivated buyers with a preset mindset of buying your order. This edge in the market offers you an opportunity to see more conversions and profit.

02. 100% Top Tier Traffic That Has The Money To Invest

We do not deal with second or third tier traffic that just bloat up your autoresponder accounts but get little to no conversions, we filter them out before they see your offer.

03. No Bots Or Fake Clicks

We use our in-house systems and the best software available online today to filter out junk traffic so that you only get real people, real clicks and ultimately real conversions.

04. List Is Never Burned Out

I never email my list more than twice a day, and I never send out an email to the same offer more than once every 30 days to the same segment of my list.

So YES, if you order a larger traffic package, it might take me a few mailings before your traffic campaign is completed; however, this will ensure you get a steady stream of traffic coming your way, and also, it ensures a consistently high conversion rate from the traffic I drive to your opt-in page.

05. Every Traffic Package Comes With A Tracking URL

The only way to know if you are getting good-quality traffic is if you can track the traffic that the provider is sending to your web page.

Every traffic package you buy from me comes with a tracking URL so you can track your clicks, geographic location, and conversions. This way you can rest-assured that you are getting exactly what I promised and even more. Over delivery of clicks is part of my branded service to keep you happy.

Conversion-Driven Traffic

My goal is to deliver the best traffic that can drive you actual conversions and sales!
Therefor I use reliable list cleaning methods of my own to make sure no bot creeps up my list. I also remove dead subscribers that do not respond. This way your offer gets high deliverability and open rates.
Not only do I segment my list, I also micro-manage and select subscribers who see your offer so that you only get viewers who are ready to convert.

To make sure my subscribers stay engaged and interested I treat them with respect and never flood my list with trillions of emails. By staying attuned to their wishes I keep my subscribers happy, realizing that a happy audience is key to move your business forward with new clients.

Here Is What We Have To Do To Guarantee That Traffic Converts Into Leads And Sales

01. Send Traffic To An Opt-In Page

When it comes to solo ad traffic, it is vital to send all of your traffic to an opt-in page. The whole point of solo ad traffic is generating top notch quality leads. This is your first priority. The opt-in page needs to be simple if you want the best results. I DO NOT send traffic to sales pages. Get in touch with me if you have any questions about this.

02. Prospects Viewing Your Offer

Once you have generated the lead, the best practice is to send your prospects to whatever it is you promised them, it can be a sales video, sales content, free training, or a sign-up page for your webinar.

03. Email Follow-Up Campaign

This is the most important part of your funnel and for getting high sales conversions. It is important to have a compelling email follow-up campaign in place to sell your product or service. Most people never buy anything on the first visit, which is why it is essential to capture leads in the first place. This way you can keep following up with your prospects until they buy.

04. Sales

If we get the top 3 points right, then it is only a matter of time before your prospects start turning into customers. Remember, each prospect's journey will be exclusive, so having a good email follow-up in place is key in generating leads. This is how you ensure a consistent flow of daily sales.

Let Me Help You​

Our Services

Fast Delivery

You don’t have to wait and waste your time. You will get your services as soon as you make the payment. I try to deliver my clients their orders immediately so that they can have the best experience working with me.

My Promise to You

You get 100% fresh leads from me.
I make the email list for each of my clients separately. The list is made based on the type of offer you have.
I only include subscribers who will be genuinely interested in your proposal.

100% Unique Clicks

We are among the best solo ads providers. I aim to provide top notch quality service, so that clients get 100% satisfaction. Along with high-quality leads, you can also buy affordable solo ads from my website.

High Quality, Unique and Risk-Free Clicks Pricing:

100% Top Tier Traffic

100 Clicks

$ 75.00
100% Tier 1 Traffic
Superior Email Traffic
English Speaking Audience
10% Over Delivery Guaranteed
Live Reporting
Fast Delivery

200 Clicks

$ 140.00
100% Tier 1 Traffic
Superior Email Traffic
English Speaking Audience
10% Over Delivery Guaranteed
Live Reporting
Fast Delivery

300 Clicks

$ 195.00
100% Tier 1 Traffic
Superior Email Traffic
English Speaking Audience
10% Over Delivery Guaranteed
Live Reporting
Fast Delivery

500 Clicks

$ 300.00
100% Tier 1 Traffic
Superior Email Traffic
English Speaking Audience
10% Over Delivery Guaranteed
Live Reporting
Fast Delivery

1000 Clicks

$ 550.00
100% Tier 1 Traffic
Superior Email Traffic
English Speaking Audience
10% Over Delivery Guaranteed
Live Reporting
Fast Delivery

What My Clients Say


or Email

Hi, I'm Katrien Smets, and I would love to answer any question you have about my solo ads service. Just email me and I'll reach out to you in the shortest time possible.

KatSoloAds is a trade name of RealAxces vof (NL)

Frequently Asked Questions

A solo ad campaign is an email broadcast that you BUY from a solo dd vendor to promote your product or services. Solo ad vendors are ‘EMAIL LIST OWNERS‘ that charge you PER CLICK for sending traffic to your pages using their email lists (using email broadcasts).

In other words: You Pay-Per-Click for each advertisement viewing.

Two things are decided upfront: 1. the CPC (cost per click) 2. the number of clicks you wish to receive and is guaranteed.

Yes we provide a swipe that we send out to our list in order to drive clicks to your link that you provide to us.

While no one can guarantee sales, I can guarantee access to a fresh, high-quality source of leads that is well known for the sales it scored with previous traffic campaigns. To increase your chances to score those sales further, I will also provide you with an extra 10% over delivery, on the house.

I build my list from various sources such as google ads , bing ads, media purchases , etc.

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